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  • Please ensure that adequate notice is given if you wish to book a holiday (4 weeks).


  • You can submit a holiday request below. This form is now the only way to submit a holiday request. Text messages and emails will not be accepted. The decision remains with the central office and not your Site Manager. 

  • Holidays are not approved unless you get an email response confirming. Taking unapproved leave or holidays without a formal acceptance, may result in disciplinary action.



Here you can find:


  • Holiday Requests

  • HR updates and guidance


Payday is 4-weekly

  • Friday 26th January

  • Friday 23rd February

  • Friday 22nd March

  • Friday 19th April

  • Friday 17th May

  • Friday 14th June

  • Friday 12th July

  • Friday 9th August

  • Friday 6th September

  • Friday 4th October

  • Friday 1st November

  • Friday 29th November

  • Friday 27th December

Request a Holiday Period
Write your request, including:
  • First day of requested leave
  • Last day of requested leave
  • Total number of working days

Your message has been sent. Please wait for a response of acceptance before making any formal travel arrangements. Unapproved holiday leave will be classed as an unapproved absence and may result in disciplinary action.

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